Karen Vaickus

Karen Vaickus

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CTE classes help promote careers, student learning in careers, teaches them more about what they are looking for in life.

Push them just beyond their knowledge to challenge them.  Challenge them, make it interesting, peak their interest.

The most important of all skills are soft skills period.


Students who do student learning have a better concept of real life.  All inistittions should be involved in service learning


On going evaluations help tweek the experience.  Learning how to bring what they have learned back to the classroom is an awesome question for them to answer.


Service learning provides a connection to the student and the community.  Allows student growth and involvement


Service learning is a learning experience for students, and helpful to the community, also giving the student a sence of giving back.  


Give feedback quickly.  Communication is important on both side of the internship


Organizing the experience is key.  Supervisors are critical to the student as well as the clients experience


Use Contractrs with students to have clear outcomes, students will know what is expected of them.  The supervisor should be involved and communicating with all parties.


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