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For students to get the most out of their experiences, they need quality feedback throughout their internship experience. 

Supervising students appropriately throughout the internship process is very important. 

It's very important to have students and business partners sign contracts and agreements so that students can feel like they are being held accountable to engaged in the process. 

The ideal internship is at least 10-12 weeks long so that kids can become a part of the work-place culture. 

Internships can be very helpful for students at all levels to help them get real world experience and get ready for the job force. 

Though service learning comes with many challenges, creating authentic experiences like this for students is very much worth the effort. I appreciated this part of the lesson as it addressed the ability for service learning opportunities to impact students' self-confidence. 

Evaluations throughout the service learning experience is an important aspect of a service-learning program. The idea of pass/fail is already something I employ with my interns, and I think it is an effective way to grade this kind of work. 

It is important for a successful service-learning environment at a school, that from all the way at the top down to students there is buy-in. 

Service learning is an important aspect of our lives and culture. It's a valuable approach to learning that benefits students and the community. 

Both the students and internships supervisors feedback can be instrumental in making positive changes to the internship as a whole.

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