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Internships are a great recruitment opportunity form employers

Goals and outcomes are key.

Acquiring skills related to professionalism is always a plus for your career and in life.

Internships are an invaluable resource. It is an excellent work placement opportunity.

Internship activities provide a practical way to evaluate skills that are often difficult to assess in an academic setting. Feedback for skills and behaviors, such as attitude, maturity, and judgement can further prepare a student for post education employment.

It is important to plan experiences that will give the student intern a good over-all picture of the organization's operation and culture. It is also important to evaluate these experiences so adjustments can be made to improve the experience.

Post-internship feedback is important to ensure that all objectives are met and the program has been effective from the student's point of view as well as the employer's.

Internships allow students to develop their professional behaviors and get to know a companies culture. For the company, internships give decision makers an opportunity to experience a student's skills and behaviors for the purposes of potential job offers or to see if someone will fit into a team.

Internships are a valuable tool to help students recognize how their training will be actionable in their future career.

Internships provide field experience for students whilst providing temporary help for the organization. Like a peer mentioned previously this is a mutually beneficial experience for the parties involved. 

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