Karen Robinson

Karen Robinson

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I love to have the students play the 'telephone game' where a patient scenario starts with one person and then is 'whispered' to the next person. The group discussion at the end is a great opportunity to provide great active listening strategies and provides an awareness of listening. 

The information can definitely be applied to nursing simulations to allow the students to role play and communicate with kind and bilegerent patients. 

Great creative ideas to reinforce learning. 

Great suggestions to implement in the clinical setting.


I love activities that are different and engaging for the students.

Using a supportive site is crucial to student learning and growth. 

Evaluating the intern and the employer and the site are all vital to student success. 

Keeping a record of work performance and feelings are important to help evaluate and learn from the entire experience. 

Defining clear roles and responsibilities is vital to a successful internship.

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