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Marie Ortiz

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I have learned that direct instruction is a sound method for teaching and it provides great benefit to the student when they are in a new setting and this type of learning is new. Interactive instruction offers a more active role in learning. The student has to put forth more effort towards learning. I also learned that independent learning comes in various forms. One in particular allows journaling which benefits the student as it allows them an opportunity to get input from the instructor. 



I have learned that there are many different ways to add to your lecture kinetically. You can use raw spaghettic noodles to teach anatomy and physiology that serves to allow the students to see how muscles work. I was also so excited by ABC fish which can be used to help students gain knowledge with blood gases, I subject I struggled with when I was in school. I will always be willing to sing the Macarena. So I think I can add a great deal to my lectures by utilizing any of these great tools.

I allow students to tell stories that have the theme of the day. This is a great way of allowing them to think through a subject and then tie it all in to what I am going to teach.

I learned that adding visual aids to your learning helps the students remember the subject matter. Adding visual aspects to your learning aids the process of teaching. As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

I learned that this course is designed to improve teaching practices and skills. Some examples on how to do that include things like using the dot to visually track the progress of the students without having to be with each of them at the same time. This information is very helpful in the clinical setting.

I have learned that you should use various activities to teach the topics that you are not getting the results you expec when teaching them. It can often be frustrating trying to teach a boring subject matter. Students aren't really listening or may be sidetracked on something else. Trying different didactics can break the monotony. I love the idea of a thinking puzzle as well as the wheel of supplies. These tactics can be used to help students learn and succeed.

The evaluation process is always a very important one. I have learned that it is imperative to assess the interns experiences both before and after the internship. As with any learning, it is a must to review the learning objectives to ensure they were met. The intern will need to be assessed to determine whether he or she is ready for full-time employment. The employer will need to complete the process of giving ongoing and continuous feedback on the intern's progress throughout the entire intenship. This will allow the intern to ask questions about things that may be misunstood or… >>>

I have learned that the internship may be complicated by the fact that the intern must be supervised by both the academic organization as well as the organization employing him or her.  These two entities must work together to ensure things are going as expected. They must make sure the intern is completing all task as well as objectives. The supervisor will have to play many roles, such as the teacher, support person and the manager as each of these may overlap on any given day. Nevertheless, they are all in the effort of ensuring the intern gets everything they… >>>

I have learned that interns and the internship model not only provides us with viable candidates in the workplace, but it also serves as an opportunity for the interns to bring back a wealth of knowledge to their peers. The intern completes a presentation so everyone involved can learn from the things he or she was exposed to, making the entire experience a well rounded one. I will use this concept in future endeavors to ensure everyone learns from the intern. 


I have learned that internship programs are designed to provide the intern with practical experience, thus giving them hands on training that bolster their efforts. The organization is then in turn provided with a well-educated worker who knows the firm and is able to hit the ground running on day one. Therefore, a temporary job post becomes a permanent one. I intend to apply this knowledge to the future world of nursing as I continue to train and recommend future nurses for internships. As I go into the clinical setting and see how the various nurses have grown and are… >>>

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