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By understanding your students past experiences you can help them build on there knowlege from what they already know and by using all the different learning styles Visual, verbal, demonstrations, and hands on you will help each student have a better uderstanding regardless of which learning style works best for them.


By using a variety of activities and assignments you help the learner understand the material better because each learner uses different sections of there brain at different levels of strengths.


The class instructors need to incorporate different curriculum and activities to coincide with the adult learners experience and life set to better help them reach ther goals.


I've learned that adult learners may enter the educational facility at different stages depending on where they are in life. Some may whant to increase knowlage to help promote there careers, and others may whant to change careers. Some may just whant to increase there income, and others to educate themselves for a hobby or passion for something.  


Adult learners bring more to the table than younger learners because of their experiance in the working world, and major life events that they may have experianced. They have a better understanding of how things work, boosting their determanation to succeed with their learning ability.


An inturn diary or journal is an excellent way to help the inturn to grasp and remember all details of the learning objectives along with feedback is a win, win situation.

An inturnship with feedback from both sides can help with critiquing the curriculum to better fit the career path in question.


I do have a question. If an intern decides that the career path he has choosen is not for him for whatever reason, will that end up as a job that he quit permanently on his record since he was not officially hired? If it dosen't leave a negative permanent record than that would be a definite plus for both employer and employee. The employer dosen't end up with an unhappy employee, and the employee dosen't end up with a career he dislikes without damaging his record.


I really can't say how I will apply it because our school is a technical school and dosen't really have an intership with any of our employers. They do have extended training to better help the graduate understand what is expected of them, but it's not actually an internship position, they are actully hired at that point. Some of the students work part time in that career field that they are learning in class.


An internship is definitly a plus for all parties. Different jobs in different career fields require different skillsets and actions to fit in with the work force already established, also different personality traits can help teach different human relationship skills. An inturnship will help the employer to better understand which skills an intern have or need iimprovement on and if they have the right insight or attitude for the position before actually hiring them. It also helps the intern to make a better decision whether or not the career path they have choosen is right for them. It also helps… >>>

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