Lisa Myers, J.D., LL.M.

Lisa Myers, J.D., LL.M.

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Hello Everyone!  To ensure students remain engaged and committed to their program and the institution, commitment, care, understanding, and communication must be consistently displayed and fostered with the students.

Hello Everyone!  My takeaway from this segment was that there are a number of factors affecting retention rates.  Faculty and staff alike may be involved in assisting with student concerns in an effort to manage or decrease retention outcomes.  While retention outcomes are a concern for an institution and must be reviewed for a resolve best, at times the challenges students face or decisions they make are not within our control.  

Very informational and helpful!  I learned to ensure we are including relevant labs/activities in class so our students continue to engage and enjoy their experience.


Hello Everyone!


Internship sites serve many roles.  Internship sites not only serve as managers, supervising these internships and ensuring they are learning and doing well at their site, but they also serve as mentors, supporting these internships, guiding them along the way.  Thank you!


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Internships are extremely beneficial, and having a contract between the internship site and intern is important to ensure expectations are laid out.  I definitely agree and encourage interns to maintain a journal of their experience day-to-day to reflect upon and take notes to assist in their success for employment.  Thank you!


Hello Everyone!  The individuals hosting these internships for our students are truly act as their mentors, providing insight into the field, guiding them, supporting them and introducing them to the field and networking opportunities.  This is so beneficial to our students and their ultimate success in the field.  Thank you!


Hello Everyone!  I agree, internships are definitely invaluable, providing a wonderful experience to students during their studies.  They feel more confident, are able to connect what they learned in class and apply it to the real world in their internship and gain experience needed for their ultimate success.  Thank you!

I enjoyed this lesson pertaining to on-line learners, I found it helpful.  I am most concerned with procrastination or unsuccessful submissions with our students, so the second video was beneficial in helping our students to be engaged during our class sessions and remain motivated throughout their studies.  I also appreciated the recommendation of, I heard about this previously from our Curriculum Director.  We do post reminders weekly and use our dropdowns to message students who haven't yet submitted their assignments, this seems as though this would be a great alternative tool to use to "remind" our students effectively and… >>>

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