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Integrated Learning | Origin: ED210

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Implementing Online Learning Augmentations in Hands-on Programs --> Integrated Learning

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For student success in learning, learning environment has to change. Every aspect of teaching time has to be modified and adapted. Instructor has to design, create and apply new teaching material, class activities, discussions, research project presentation and new assessments.

Educators should help students within their learning process and later as working professionals or simply as individuals to be able to think clearly and critically about information, ideas, and arguments and leads to becoming autonomous thinkers.

Instructors should integrate as many resourse as possible into the learning environment. Something as simple as a cutaway of a component or a vdeo could be the trigger for some students. I cover reaar drive axles in my course and TORSEN is one I have to explain. I first demondtrate to the students how an adjustable wrench works, which is something most are familiar with. Then I apply that understanding to the TORSEN. They both work on the principle of worm gear /worm wheel.I still have a few who struggle with it so I have them view a video online that explains the principle. What I am really trying to teach them is to apply critical thinking skills to what ever the task is.


I will always have time to answer a student question. The most frustrating thing for the students having online classes is the inability to ask a question when they have a question. I tell my students to write down their questions, sometimes they do this. Not being able to ansewer questions during a lecture is something that I really enjoyed doing, it makes the class much more interesting.

When students do the online questions I have them research the answers from a credible source


This response to or for change for the students to adapt to online learing needs to start before the reach the post-secondary level.There may be a need for greater recourses to help the inst/proffesor that has been in a pre-set information delivery to help them adapt as well. The shift or change will only be as good as the efforts of the people in the classroom that are F2F with the students.  If they are not comfortable with and do not support the shift or change this will be reflected to the students and in turn by their efforts.

Instructors need to explore different approaches to develop integrative learning. Students now are very technology driven and using different  platforms, apps and online resources which can help them understand the subject not just depending the teacher. Students can benefit in creative approach in clinical- presenting a problem or patient diagnosis and be creative how to manage specific health problems by using different resources. For example, medication review. Students just don't depend now in drug handbooks but using electronic apps, you tube videos to fully understand  specific problem or medications.


Keeping activities fresh and timely helps the students retain an insterest and by bringing in integrative approaches keeps that momentum movig forward. 

Revising and implementing by reviewing what you have learned helps the students a great deal and by using critical thinking that implements the causes and effect and putting and applied use of what have experienced and learned by using them in real contexts based in real life.


To build a successful classroom you should help students learn to question critically to build their knowledge and engage more with the content for lasting learning.


I believe this comes down to different learning behaviors. Finding a way to reach all learning styles online is definately challanging but doable!!!

When students reach autonomous thinking, it puts a higher spin in the equation.    

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