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i have found that the students will do the online work when they realize that you are monotoring their progress. Getting online and responding to their posts also shows them that you are interested in their progress.


I will always have time to answer a student question. The most frustrating thing for the students having online classes is the inability to ask a question when they have a question. I tell my students to write down their questions, sometimes they do this. Not being able to ansewer questions during a lecture is something that I really enjoyed doing, it makes the class much more interesting.

I like to get my students talking about the online protion before we go to lab. I can quickly asses who has watched it, and who has not. While in lab, I try to get them thinking how the online portion applies to what they are doing.

Reply to Jeffrey Covington's post:100% 

What I am seeing is that most students are like electricity. They will take the path of least resistance. I really feel for the students that are really interested in the subject. 

I find that there are two groups, the "Haves" and the "Hane nots". Generally, the haves are strong in self efficacy, focus and motovation. they have parent support and empolment. The have nots generally, are not motovated, they never had to be. They are focused on the outside world more than what is in the class room. They may have parents in the home, I think that the parents want them to "just do something'and have given up. Trying to establish connections with these have nots is challenging. 

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