Tabitha Lopez

Tabitha Lopez

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These were good reminders of things I already use in my classes. 

Soft skills are very important elements of a CTE classroom so that students can be prepared for the real world. 

I worked at a PBL school. There was a ton that was good about it, but overall, without the proper resources (which were a lot), it was very ineffective. Schools need to be outfitted with actual professionals trained in the PBL process and the money and manpower to pull off something more effective for students. 

Start with the end in mind (the assessment) and work backwards to make sure everything is aligned and purposeful. 

Competency-based learning only makes sense in a CTE classroom. 

Instruction and assessment in the CTE classroom needs to be rigorous. Assessing students in their work-based learning experiences in a relevant way is imperative to student learning and success. 

Good classroom management and clear expectations from teachers sets the groundwork for safe learning environments. 

It is important to understand the attributes of each generation when trying to adapt curriculum in the best ways to how kids learn nowadays. 

I set the tone in the room, and starting off strong with boundaries and classroom management is important. 

CTE educators are a special group who typically come from a less traditional teaching background. 

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