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I could see this as a great tool for introducing new vocabulary terms. Dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia in one setting. 

Old School / New School

Design lessons that incorporate ChatGPT and incorporate the use of technology. Design lessons without the use of any technology.  Make a balance of the teaching experience.  Have to keep in mind the teachers can overuse ChatGBT as well as the students.  Keep it professional!

Give the students a homework assignment with the ability to use Chat GPT. Next day in class have a compare/contrast on the information gathered from the various assignments.   What is the general information in all of the reports?  What are the odd answers that might be specific to one report? Study the prompts the students used to find the information.

I appreciated learning more about Open AI which is currently in the news. I learned some ways it can benefit students with varying needs, but am anxious to learn how to harness its power and not be a crutch which can be a huge detriment to a child's education.

I believe, we as educators, need to try and be at least one step ahead of the students when it comes to AI.  AI needs to be introduced to the students in a way of promoting correct and safe use..

How using smartphones can engage your students and help with their learning.

Understanding how adult learners process data is different from younger students.

Using narrated videos can be beneficial to all students.

The importance of faculty development in regards to adding technology to a course.

I would like to incorporate ChatGPT into a Discussion Board activity for my courses.

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