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Revising and implementing by reviewing what you have learned helps the students a great deal and by using critical thinking that implements the causes and effect and putting and applied use of what have experienced and learned by using them in real contexts based in real life.


enabling students to fine tune their critical thinking is vital beause they can expand better their applications of what is being learned helps students to really build new knowledge and helps them to be more confident in what they have learned . The more the learn the more the confident.


We can use hands on online learning when put in practice what you have learned in theory based in a real-life context of use scenario.


I like it because it helps you to use other alternatives to engage students in class


I believe that playing mathematical games helps students to encourage strategic thinking, problem-solving and develops confidence.

I learned to deal with my work stress!

I usually deal with the effects of work stress by doing some exercise, like walking on my lunch break.

Reply to Holly Voss's post: I learned that are students that like to challenge the system and others that feel intimidated by computer technology the might find computer sofware difficult to fix and they get overwelmed and they feel discouraged and they are probably planning to drop the course rather than seeking for help. We need to identify these students by supporting them to find the right solutions.

Reply to Lawrence Bufalino's post: I learned that we should use small talk during synchronus discussions to allot enough time for socializing at the beginning of the synchronus discussions, also to allow time for ending remarks of the synchronus debate questions.

Reply to Lisa Brown's post: It is imperative and effective way for an instructor to learn about the students and for the students to learn about each other by posting a short biography about them to shared with the rest of the class.

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