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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.

SHRINKING VIOLETS: The Vlogging Challenge

While I'm  a fan of interacting with students and peers through blogging and vlogging, I have noticed that self-conscious students shy away from being on camera and will even take point deductions in order to not have to record a vlog assignment. Use of an avatar or photo for the visual while recording voice has been one alternative solution, but I'm curious if other instructors have encountered this shrinking violet phenomenon, and what they've done to  try to help student overcome this aversion to being "seen". --TG/ACC/LA

Useful Information

I am constantly learning about best uses of technology in my instruction. I received some useful insights from the course. 

Challenges with Students

Incorporating new technologies into the classroom will help engage students better than just using plain lecture or PowerPoint by itself.


If students are constantly thinking critically and trying to solve problems, when do they ACTUALLY learn the basics from which they are going to draw the knowledge on how to solve those problems? I feel like this active learning technique is fine for upper level courses, but for my courses (Anatomy and Physiology) you are just overwhelming the student even more by throwing at them a case study they do not have the knowledge base to answer. If this was Harvard, and all the students already had the knowledge base, then I would understand the need for problem solving and upper level… >>>

Becoming unfocused

I find that whenever students start 'zoning out' or becoming unfocused, I find a question they can research on their devices, since they want to be on their devices anyway. So, two things get accomplished at once. 

Fun teaching with techno

I am a firm believer that all students and instructors learn more with technology, especially if it is animated.  The funner you make it for the students, the more they learn because they see, feel, smell, hear when learning in real time.  We actually see ourselves in the room with the patient.  Like Shadow Health.  It is awesome and realistic simulation.  

Thanks for reading, 

Leslie Morin, RN, MSN, CNOR

Great Course

Great course awesomne information

Google Docs

It has alot of versatility to incorporate other platforms including Microsoft.

New Technology

New technoolgies are a constant challenge. The use of simulations for training provides a great potential for training on the latest technologies.

Use of discussion boards

It is not unknown that students are not fond of answering a discussion question and then respond on two other posts. How effective can this particular method be toward genuine learning and comprehension. Maybe alternative methods may be better suited to keep students engaged. Possibly posting a research assignment along with a debate of topics could be more engaging and valued by the student.

Presentations / Apps

I plan to incorporate the new presentations mentioned in the training as well as conduct an apps search in my course just after the mid-tems.  I feel that this will make the studentsmore comfortable with the tablets.



Tablet Selection Process

We were fortunate to have the strong support of both Admin and Tech staff in selecting the tablet we ended up using.  This has resulted in a smooth transition to the use of this learning platform. DrAGS

Apps and the classroom

I teach Motorcycle Mechanics and I need to research any apps that will help with the electrical diagnostics that we have to do . It would be great to find one that I could introduce bugs into and let them figure out the correct diagnostic test needed to fix it.

Interactive learning

I had never thought of using social media platforms for education. I will now research and develop platforms that will increase my students interest and knowledge

College Guidelines

Policies & procedures are key to ensuring that Both the consumer and the organizations Needs are being addressed and met.


This course was informative, and it helpled me to  understand, and view educational technology in a different way. Also to reserach what technology you may want to introduce to your class, and or oreganization, and more importantly that one particular software maynot be a used/utilized for every course.






Yvette. Brown

second life

I am most impressed with the second life technology. A great way to get through to our students

Great Info and Ideas

I really liked it. I learned a lot with the information and ideas that are available to help my students. Really liked that i would be able to use some og these ideas with my students. Thanks


I have learned the history of the new technology to credit back the science fictions

Teaching with Technology

Teaching with technology identifing the usage of it before utilizing is an integral part of best practice. Using technology because of technology does not make students the digital citizens unless they are using it for useful resourse as they are instructed and guided by the facilitator.

Exciting tools of which to be aware!

I learned about new tools I can consider using in my work as a designer.