Dina  Georgescu

Dina Georgescu

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Using innovated teaching strategies, policies and technology, student can become engaged, motivated and responsible for his learning.

So interesting! Collaborative, cooperative and experiential learning theory = have the student active and responsible for his learning level – knowledge or skill, “I heard about it or I can do it”!

Group quiz is an interesting strategy. I think would be beneficial if the assessment / assignment is configured correctly – meaning – allocated time, #of students in group, #of questions, question type, question difficulty level. I think I will incorporate this strategy as minor activity  at first!

Traditional learning environment has to be changed. Making the student to be involved and active, through class activities (problem-based learning activities, case studies, project work, group work, peer evaluation, exploration tasks), would support constructivist learning theory.

For student success in learning, learning environment has to change. Every aspect of teaching time has to be modified and adapted. Instructor has to design, create and apply new teaching material, class activities, discussions, research project presentation and new assessments.

We set the tone! We need to turn negative into positive! We have to make of the situation when they come along. Also, we need to learn to go Mobile, to become creative in developing and assessing mobile learning activities.

Use of self-grading tests, analytical functions of the LMS, and blending learning strategies, tools and resources, would allow instructors to focus on developing their professional and pedagogical skills.

How to create digital content to comply with Section 508.

In order to improve education, student experience when learning, and teacher experience when teaching, technology could be integrated.

A plan has to be developed. For this plan the program has to be evaluated and an input from all educational stakeholders has to be obtained.

Question like … what it is, how this would improve my curricula, where to be used, how to be used, how much will cost, how much money will save the school, what professional development or training is need it, how would be the implementation process.... would help to make the plan. 

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