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I use many sources to evaluate my courses, such as test results. I use them to see if one or more questions are being cosistantly missed, which could mean I am not explaining or demonstrating somethiinig weel enough. I also look at threaded discussions question answers to see how well they understand the consept being accessed.

I feel thta I need to enhance the different ways I provide feedback to ensue the students understand why a response may have not been completly correct. This could help them possibly fully understand what the objective is.

I had not previously heard the term scaffolding used in this context, but it makes a lot of sense. They need good support or structure to ensure good outcomes. 

I can see why consistency is important, because it can be very frustratiing to have to figure out stuff that is constantly changing. I know that every time we get used to using an on-line system, There are some "enhancements" made. We are creatures of habit and don't like it when someone moves the cheese.

A lot of students I get that have learning disabilities perform ery well. They have already developed coping skills in secondary education. I usually just need to give them minor accomodations such as extra time in task and test. 

I have found language to be a barrier. I don't mean different language , but different termiinology used for the same things whther it be task, machinery, or parts and pieces. I find myself having to stop and explain terms that are unfamiliar to my students all the time.

I have found over time thta lab groups need to be very diverse by skill level. This helps your lower performers and slows your over achievers down a little and holds a good pace for you average student. the final out come is everyone learns.

i need to spend more time listening and ensuring I understand what is being conveyed before I respond. I am pretty good at eye contact and I conntinuously move around the room. Ii was never one to stay behinnd my desk. I also scan the room to see who is and isn't engaged.

have never though that students may not feel that they are respected by others and meerly seen as being lazy. i have to admit that I may also be guilty of making them think that because I , like many others, focus on results and how quickly they occur. 

I have never known of anyone with a learning disability to disclose it to an employer. When I started teaching, I began to see a lot of accomodations and now understand how they can help. mmore people should disclose thhis to their employers.

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