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Keep new teaching techniques for the students and keep the class interesting

Group learning is awesome for each student

Different students process information differently. So try to engage with each and every student if possible.

Students will help in understanding this new challenging on ones ability  and its rewards. Yes like in myself new technology is by no means easy. This for our great students i feed they will easy take control of this scientific knowledge.

These new technologies are very useful.

I feel this is the best tool for taking and organizing notes

I believe it is a great tool for accessing information as well as storing knowledge  I also believe a laptop can be just as effective

I have learned that there are a lot of good online resources that I can use for slide sharing, data sharing, blogging, and quiz and test creators.   

it is more like person to person training when in class hands on.

I just started my first on-line course.  I did a Panopto video to go over the syllabus and I introduced two projects they would need to completed.    I organized the groups and sent out the information so that they would not have to organize their own groups.  Is that a good way to do it?  I picked the names randomly for each project so they could work with a different group for each project.  Also, can anyone share with me more learning tools I could share with… >>>

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