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Evaluating students' knowledge of the technology that you will use in the course is just the beginning. The learning curve can be shared amongst the facilitator and the student. 

What if questions seen to stimulate critical thinking.

The introduction to new technology that I was not aware of or unsure of the benefits. 

Using technology in the classroom is a great tool to use with the current generation of students. Covid has made these tools a  standard in the classroom.

Keeping new teaching stradagies to keep the students engaged and to excited about learning

Concrete experience, active experimentation, abstract conceptualization is important in the classroom and will help students keep engaged 

Group learning is a great additive to mix the dynamics up in the learning process

I agree, real life experiences and the stories I tell pertaining to what my students are learning definately enhance the learning process and makes it fun.

Slideshare offers a forum to share presentations. Found one on teaching with technology that I intend to work with to try to get more technology in my class.

The students have different ways of learning and we should be able to adapt to that learning style.

We should adapt and compare to their learning style to make it easier for them to  learn 

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