Amanda Sturm

Amanda Sturm

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Career portfolios is something I would like to better develop for my students.


I think there was alot to think about in this section to  build value for students while creating an effective learning environment.


working at a career center I have students 2 1/2 hours so learning names and developing buy in needs to occur quickly to keep my students involved. 


Students need to own their learning so they don't feel forced to just get things done. This is always hard when you have material that they just have to do to get to a project or interest point.


I think we assume that students have computer skills that they dont. I think we need to step back and make sure we teach students to use each software program to get the best results.


teaching students how to aquire new knowledge and how to use it is a new tool that we must make students have.


assessing group work is definately an area that i struggle with so all students are sharing in the work load.


Reply to Justina Morales's post: I agree sometimes we get to wrapped in the little things and miss the point of getting students to learn how to communicate through writing.

Critical thinking is very important for students in todays workplace


Having the intern evaluate their experience at the work place is important to create a lasting relationship with worksites to make sure all students have a sucessful experience.


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