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In this module I learned about the importance of Soft Skills and understanding these skills are more valued that tech skills.  Common Sense is considered a Soft Skill that alot of people have it as an innate skill while others have to develop this skill.   

Common sense and soft skills are important in the classroom to develop correct plans and actions in the classroom and developing rapport for the student and instructor. 


Soft skills are key in communication.


There is no I in team.

I had not really considered comman sense as a softskill nor home many factors are considered to be a feature of comman sense.  


A combination of technical skills along with soft skills are what it takes to have a successful role in teaching.  Common Sense and the ability to consider others make up a massive percentage for what it takes to be effective.


Technical Skills at 15% and Soft Skills at 85% were a surprising number!

Common sense is something we assume all people have & they don't necessarily have it.  We take common sense for granted; it is the foundation for having strong people skills. 


Sommon Sense is a good thing!

That the soft skills can make or break a career.


It doesn't matter how intelligent or how many hard skills you have, if you don't have soft skills any knowledge you have won't be utilized for very long!

Common sense and understanding others.


Soft skills are important 

Hard skills only!  Just kidding, seems we all understand the need to understand a student as a person in order to best assist them through their education. 

Aside: Want to save the world?  Everyone read or reread the best hippie psych book ever, Dr. Harris' I'm OK, You're Ok.


I want to use soft skills to enhance the learning experience for students

What is a helpful lecture on soft skills? It was loaded with many common-sense tips be I still need to be reminded of these critical points.

Soft Skills are equally as important as hard skills.

Soft skills is important to learn for all instructors.

I plan to increase focus on soft skills in the classroom.

The research behind teh importance of soft skills should help us to be intentional with teaching and modeling them. 

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