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Soft skills are essential in education for one to be successful they have to work as a team and understand others.


I learned that soft skills are even more important than technical skills in most careers and I was surprised by the study done that confirmed that fact. 


Soft skills ( people skills ) are what helps you relate to others, while hard skills are the technical skills we have.

These skills include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Good listener
  • Accepts & gives feedback positively
  • Positive attitude
  • Motivates others
  • Has tact
  • Is always sincere

This list includes positive workplace behaviors. A short list is:

  • Manage stress well
  • Always in a good mood
  • Helps solve problems
  • Takes criticism well & builds from it
  • Always a good appearance
  • Possesses  good self discipline
  • Always welcomes change
  • Is always ambitious


The top 10 soft skills are defined, in no particular order are:

  • Attention to detail
  • Being drug free
  • Conflict resolution
  • Customer service
  • Dependable & reliable
  • Good working relationships ( being a team player) What is said & how it is said.
  • Integrity
  • Positive attitude
  • Understanding others
  • Using common sense


Interestingly enough, studies show that only 15% of hard skills & 85% of soft skills are what is used currently, & it only stands to reason that job issues arise 65% on soft skills & 35% hard skills.


I plan to use this as an out line & reminder to use apply & implement these skills in a more efficient manor.

I believe that we all have some type of common sense. The problem is that we do not know how to use it at times because we do not have time to focus or study on the issue. It is very common for "stuff" to happen and throw us off track. However, looking at the examples of the "lack of common sense" makes me realize that these are truly common sense mistakes instructors make everyday.

Soft skills and common sense are very important to teaching success.  


People skills and common sense are important


Soft skills are much more important than hard skills in the world of teaching.  While hard skills are certainly necessary, it is the soft skills that truly make a teacher excellent.  


I really enjoy how this first module used research to support the points and clams - for example how the workplace success requures 85% soft skills and 15% hard skills - and then also noting the study that argued that teamwork and undertsanding others are curcial for instructors to bring to the workplace. 

People skills and work behaviors have many areas that give the definition of soft skills. This has brought so much awareness to me, that it has made me realize some of my strengths and some of my weaknesses as an instructor overall.


Reply to Yvette Prior's post: good point Yvette, the studies provide a nice tie-in to the subject matter. The studies put the skills into perspective. 

Understanding others is a crucial skill thats needed in the field of education.

Poor soft skills will not be overcome by good technical skills

It was interesting to learn how much more emphasis there is on soft skills vs hard skills in the workplace. 


Nice to know common sense is still deemed an important skill.  Likes that stat from Harvard showing the importance of people skills vs. tech. 


I learned about the key components of soft skills versus other skills that are necessary for the workplace environment to be effective, as well as interaction with students. 


There shoukd be a bakance between soft and hard skills. Most people do not realize that lack of hard skills coud be the reason why most relationships at the job are not good.


people skills + workplace behaviors = soft skills + hard skills = personal success and professional effectiveness

15% technical skills + 85% people skills = success



understanding how to demonstrate positive behaviours, understanding how to engage properly with students. 


Soft skills are a very important part of being a good instructor.

Soft skills are essential when in the work place. I have learned also that soft skills take time to gain. While some others do have the nature of the soft skills as their gifts 


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