Amy Hladney

Amy Hladney

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I plan to implement the 21-day strategy proposed in this presentation, focusing on better nutrition and activity habits.

I plan to increase focus on soft skills in the classroom.

FERPA policies and procedures can be complicated and confusing, it would be helpful to have in-house meetings per campus to discuss regulations and policies.


An adult student has the right to privacy regarding his/her student records, and also the right to access his/her records. I understand there is some challenge when it comes to gaining permission from student for spouse/family members who wish to gain access to the student records.


In order to motivate students, it is essential to know their interests, their goals, their backgrounds. In addition, I need to present instruction with enthusiasm and let them know I, too, am motivated and interested in this career field.


Change up lectures and skill demos to include varied teaching/learning techniques for student enthusiasm and participation.


I will begin reflecting each day on lessons, lectures, hands-on applications. Consider other ways to present the material to support enthusiasm for learning.


Students come to class with a variety of life experiences. It is important to get to know them as individuals and work with each student on setting goals to be successful in the program. I will create a learning environment designed to meet their needs and allow for group discussion and mingling.


I have learned to be very specific with expectations of assignment due dates and times, with applying consistent consequences to late assignments. My wheels are spinning to create and apply new learning strategies to incorporate group learning and mingling. I also have learned from this module to be very clear and specific in my syllabus, gearing toward how my course will help them learn skills and knowledge applicable to their intended job/career.


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