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Having common sense and an understanding of others seem to stand out the most to me. By keeping both these in mind, I can keep improving as an educator.


I learned the 10 soft skills Attension to detail, being drug-free, conflict resulution, customer service, dependability, integrity, positive attitudes, understanding others, using common sense, good work relations. 


Soft skills and hard skills both can be learned if someone is weak in these skills so it can benefit everyone. 


Common Sense  is the ability to make appropriate and practical decisions. 

Soft skills such as people skills are more important to be successful than hard skills.


Soft skills significantly contributed to positive outcomes.


I agree that soft skills are key to being effective!

people skills and workplace behaviors = SOFT SKILLS


Soft skills important in developing teamwork

We are the role models inside and outside of the classroom


The mission can be accomplished well if soft skills are employed

Soft skills and Common Sense are important in the workplace.

I think you can really gain a student's trust with soft skills.

It' what we do.

Soft skills are essential as an instructor


85% soft skills/15% technical skills represents how important it is to work on soft skills in dealing with others on your team and in the classroom. It makes perfect sense that being a good role model goes beyond just technical knowledge in the classroom and at work. It won't work if you are so offensive that your class or teammates are closed off because of poor behavior.


Reply to Paula Edwards's post:You are a great role model and I can tell that in how the students react to you in and out of the classroom.

Soft skills will help you solve most of your problems.


How vital soft skills are to teaching!

I am fully in agreement with what I have read and learned in this module. Moreover, I do believe that soft skills and workplace behaviors set up the actual paramount conditions for delivering outstanding lectures.

Of course, you must have robust hard skills regarding the lectures you deliver, and ideally, you should be a subject matter expert - at least up to a certain degree- but if your soft skills and workplace behaviors are not at the appropriate level, your students will not take everything they might get from you. 


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