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Soft skills influences your career.

Soft skills are very important to teaching.

Relationships - classroom discussions to hallway interactions to recommendation letters - are more important to teaching success than slideshows and droning lecture material will ever be.

That's my take on this module.

It is important to teach soft skills to our students as well as model the behaviors for them.

Common sense is the most important soft skill, and paves the way for all of the others, including understanding others, accepting criticism, and teamwork. 

there are many factors to for effective behaviors in the workplace. Soft skills, hard skills, people skills, and emotional intelligence come together to be an effective instructor. It is crucial to understand others and have common sense to apply to the various situations. There are many levels of soft skills to apply to teaching. 

Recognized the importance and significance of what a soft skill is and how it applies to me as an instructor. After taking into account all of the aspects of what is considered a soft skill it is easy to see the importance of being able to first understand exactly what it is and being able to apply it. Looking forward to advancing and improving my own soft skills along with the technical aspect. 

Comment on Susan Beheler's post: Eighty five precent says it all, hard to believe that is not saying hard skills are not necessary or important but it certainly places an emphasis where growth is needed. It is very true that both students and facility place a burden on applying soft skills. 

I was surprised by the ratio of soft-tech skills

Soft Skills are crucial equally

Understanding others and having common sense are soft skills that make us better teachers. It is necessary to have soft skills in order to be successful instructor

Comment on Andrea Walraven's post: very well said. Common sense is one of the major qualities/soft skill required to get any job done appropriately.

Implementing soft skills can be an overlooked skillset for most instructors caught up in their to-do list.

Soft skills top tech skills

Soft Skills for students in Career Preparation will be reinforced this school year because it is important in both the work environment as well as personal life.  It is a Life Skill. 

Soft skills will make you a more effective team member than anything else

Mostly we are concerned with hard skills that we forget to develop our soft skills. But, people's skills and soft skills are more important.

Comment on Jose Tribiana's post:

Agreed, but I was surprised by the study's results that 85% of success in the classroom is based on soft skills. I knew they were important, but I was thinking even importance (50/50) with technical skills - especially in the medical field.

Soft skills good to teach to my students

Finally, I understand the difference and importance of both soft skills and hard skills. Essential in a teaching environment workplace.

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