Kassandra  Ochoa

Kassandra Ochoa

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Using several style of teachinf helps create an interesting and more involved classroom experience 


Not all students thrive in groups and have some fear or anxiety around large groups of people they are unfamiliar with. Alternating between fun group and individual work helps the students thrive in the classroom.


Group activities are important to keep the group and each individual engaged in learning. Adding more "fun" to learning helps each student retain more information. 


In achieving optimal learning, it is important to keep students engaged rather than have them feel as if they are enduring the lecture



Reducing the stigma of disability, allowing students with disabilities to perform to the best of their abilities with accomodations provided, there are no limites to what they can learn. All that is needed is support from the instructor and from the school. 


Accomodation is important in student with disabilites' success in the classroom 


Students are required to self identify and advocate for their disability alongside their peers. Without the proper self disclosure, accomodations cannot be made to assist the student. 


Certain disabilities can be classified as psychological or physical. While there is treatment for most, each student with a disability should be treated equally and with respect. Reduce the stigma that those with disabilities lack the education, and allow them to have the experience to function and thrive in a supportive setting. 


It is important to remove any necessary assumptions in the classroom and be open with students on general expectations and have patience towards students who are struggling. It is important to not assume that all military personnel are responsible, moptivated and self starting, some of the traits they gained in the military may not be put into practice in the classroom.



As an instructor it is important and pertinent that resources are readily available and it is important for an instructor to research resources and support for disabled veterans to better meet their needs towards success in the class. 


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