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Soft skills are important on the job


Soft skills and hard skills do not have equal improtance in the work place.  Soft skills have more importance that hard skills as it is dealing with people.  When you deal with people well you have a better chance of sucess in any field you work in.  

in our industry soft skills make the difference in a successfull employee from my experience.

Soft skills involves attention,integrity, and dependabilty are very inmooetant to successfully following instruction

Common sense

I never heard of soft skills until I became an instuctor. Over the years, I've learned how important it is in the work world.


Soft Skills are important in every profession


I found the top 10 very interestig and I want to know how to educate people on Common Sense.  

Soft skills are very important,  but need a blend of many skills.


Soft skills are very important.


Having soft skills are vital.


Soft skills are often neglected but are more important than hard skills

Soft skills are particularly important, as they are xpected to contribute 85% of job success, with hard skills comprising only 15%. Soft skills such as conflict resolution, listening and communication, teamwork, and problem-solving create an effective classroom as well as effective relationships with peers.

I'm thinking that soft skills are important in all settings not just in the professional setting.

I learned my technical skills are important but far less than my people skills


In being a teacher its very important to possess soft skills to ensure we are giveing the students the best learing experience and being a team player in the work environment. 


Amazed how people skills weight much more than technical skills, 85% to 15%. Taking into consideration that as humans we are very imperfect and that definitely soft skills are important, but they should weight much more in every single profession? If in need of a surgery, are you going to choose the surgeon with the greatest technical skills, or, the one with the greatest people skills?


Hard skills are necessary, but soft skills are essential and better contribute to any one person's success. 


I learned what some soft skills include, like managing time effectively, adapting to change, showing ambition, . . . and I hadn't though about appearance being one, but I can see how it would matter. 


Soft skills comprise of being efficient academically and also being able to interact professionally with students and others professionally and demonstrating a caring attitude.


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