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About me

I am a retired Army (SF) Spanish Colonel who is working as a civil contractor in support of JSOU MET since February 2019.


I am happily learning  in my new job as a JSOU Instructor on the ocassion of every MET I have participated during these 2 years ( 2019 and 2020). These have been a total of 12 MET.  And what is actually happening to me is that , the more I learn on how to perform more effectively my job, the more excited and interested that I am on learning more techniques and better procedures.


I have just finished the first module of this ED 114 course "Questioning in the classroom" and I have already found it as a very interesting and useful course. Definitively, I trully believe tat this will help me a lot to improve my instructor´s skills and is already providing food for thought to me on how to better prepare and deliver my lectures and instruction. As a matter of fact, I do realize that most of my questions are closed questions. Just due to one of my MET colleagues recommended me to shift to open questions I have already tried to begin this change, but I have realized that  this definitively imply even a  better preparation of the lectures (if you want  to deliver the appropriate queries at the appropriate moment)


Therefore, I am more than interested to share teaching and instructor´s experiences with whomever might be interested to go for it.


Looking forward to hear from you



jsou met techniques, tips and tools which will allow me to improve my instructor skills and abilities


associated jsou met instructor.


Definitively, It has been a great course and fully focused on a critical skill. It is a pity that it is not shared the bibliography that is linked or related to this interesting matter. I will try to make some research and when getting it, I will share it with you over here


I have learned several aspects related to emotional intelligence and soft skills that undoubtedly are going to be extremely important in how to better perform my commitment as a teacher and instructor.


I definitely consider this course a very interesting one, and I will deeply consider all the areas that have been mentioned to try to improve my teaching skills

To me as a teacher, it is paramount that it is not only necessary to "have" or perform these "generic soft skills", but also quite important to adjust those "personal abilities and attitudes" to each specific environment.

In this regard, I would define the "environment" as the students -and everything related to their educational capabilities- and the teaching conditions in which you deliver your classes.

I truly believe it is quite important for a good teacher to successfully identify and quickly analyze the different key aspects that involve and have an impact on both, your students and learning and teaching… >>>

I am fully in agreement with what I have read and learned in this module. Moreover, I do believe that soft skills and workplace behaviors set up the actual paramount conditions for delivering outstanding lectures.

Of course, you must have robust hard skills regarding the lectures you deliver, and ideally, you should be a subject matter expert - at least up to a certain degree- but if your soft skills and workplace behaviors are not at the appropriate level, your students will not take everything they might get from you. 


I hace definitively understood, received different perspectives and learned different ways to identify stressors and potentials courses of actions to deal with them.


The approach given by this course is pretty rationale and has been illustrated by several clear examples. The process of how to deal with the stressors is also quite clear and will help me out on coping with my particular ones. 

I have understood and learned some of the causes and consequences of mantaining a stressful life, that are essential to deal effectively with the stress.

Moreover, I have learned some tips that I consider that may be very useful to have an appropriate approach in this regards. I believe that writing down a stress list will help me to honestly identify most o f the factors which cause stress in my life.

I am looking forward to move on module 4 in order to get a professional perspectie on how to better cope with these stress factors.

I have learned and confirmed how critical it is time management for being a good instructor.

The moduled have provided me a great variety of advices, tips and potential techniques which will allow me to manage my time more effectively.

I have already incorporate some ot them as part of my rutine some time ago, but some of them not, and I will seriously consider to get them part of my rutine as well. Based on the rationale behind these others,  I consider that they will help me on my goal to better manage my time  as an instructor (… >>>

I am very glad to have started this course. I am able not only to confirm some of my regular habits but more importantly to identify some other perspectives, tips and techniques that are going to facilitate the way I am used to be organized.

In fact, I learned myself long time ago how important it is to write a prioritise do list to be effective and make a better use of the time available.

To me, this is a must for every organized person, but it is undocubtedly paramount to become an efficient instructor.

I have learned several important aspects in regards creating an evaluation system.

Honestly, I did not think about how important it is to think and plan this evaluation system from a "comprehensive approach" and considering so many different perspectives - to include the legal area-. Undoubtedly  I have to think and work on it in order to be an actual professional instructor.

Within all of these aspects, I might remark that it is very clever and pretty logical to request assistance from senior and experienced instructors in order to confirm you are creating an effective, fair,  trustable and secure evaluation… >>>

From these module there have been several important aspects that I have learned and / or confirmed from my own experience as an instructor.

- A must to go through a complete and rigourous preparation of each course and its lessons

- Think and develop PACE plans: Primary, Alternate, Contingency, Emergency, bearing in mind the learning objectives of each lesson

- Always adapt yourself to the students you finally get on the course and their way to progress on learning

- Flexibility is always a paramount for becoming an effective and good instructor.


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