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Shareen Vogel

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"It is important to assess students’ internship experiences to make sure that defined learning objectives are being met, that students’ experiences are consistent with the program's mission, and that the expectations of on-site supervisors and future employers are being considered. This ensures that students are prepared for post-graduation employment and are capable of transitioning smoothly into the professional community."

The supervision of an intern is potentially complicated, as the intern must be supervised from both the academic and employment perspectives. The on-site supervisor and on-campus internship coordinator must work together to ensure that all of the objectives of the internship are met."

"An effective internship program requires effective forms and processes. These help to ensure that all parties are aware of their roles and responsibilities."

"Internship programs provide practical experience for students while providing firms with well-educated temporary help. If carefully structured and well planned, these programs can also be an opportunity for management to train and evaluate prospects for permanent employment."

"Experiential learning is intended to extend students’ educational experience beyond the traditional classroom setting. It is a structured, student-centered way to integrate curriculum-based educational experiences utilizing practical applications and active involvement."

Most important piece I took from this section, "Service learning enriches the learning of course material. Students often raise the question: "Why do I have to learn this material?" The answer to this question can be seen through service learning. "

"The service learning model is based upon transferring knowledge and skills acquired in an educational setting to an outside setting for application. Upon reflection you will see that service learning reduces some of the risk of making the transition from career education to the work world by having students use their new knowledge and skills in a setting where they can gain experience, while still under the supervision of the institution."

Service learning is a way to help students reflect on their service, expand empathy, build self confidence, strengthen social responsibility, recognize personal values and beliefs, and use critical thinking skills.

"Community service has been a part of American culture since the beginning of this country. Individuals of all ages come together to help each other and their community for the betterment of all. History has recorded many different examples of how community service activities helped to insure the survival and growth of local governments and their residents." This means that community service is a proven and necessary part of our culture.

Knowing and understanding ones learning preferences is key! Also, important to understand that there are many different learning styles.

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