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Supporting Computer Literacy | Origin: ED205

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Enhancing Students' Professional Skills --> Supporting Computer Literacy

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Computer literacy involved so much more than just social media or paying bills. There are many ethical issues to be considered and informed about as well as the numerous dangers that can be encountered, sometimes innocently. Awareness of the virtual world is a must that should be learned and safety mechanisms adapted.

Computer literacy is something of upmost importance today.

It is not possible to do what is needed in handling today's needed information without computer literacy.


In the age of IT, computers and its workings are not only needed, but are necessary.The need to understand the multi faceted workings of this technology is the bridge to future generations and the inability to navigate and use it effectively will profoundly affect those unwilling to change. his will impact our ability to communicate and manage the information overload that is happening. By being aware knowledgeable and using effectively  the range of options on the computer will only help us to manage our lives in the world we are living in.

Students must be able to understand the basic concepts of computer use.  Computers are used in almost a busineses today.  Understanding basic use is very important for the student to learn.


Basic computer literacy does not always meet the needs of the workplace anymore.  Encouraging classes and system experience, including computerized charting, is a way to build students to be able to function in the current workplace. I too have had to take classes to improve my skills to better my abilities in the workplace. 


It is important to develop computer literacy regardless of age.  It is important to understand and be able to have computer literacy in the work environment.


People are expected to be competent across this range of applications, as well as in the basics of operating systems, the Internet, computer security, and the connecting hardware components.

Computer literacy is so very crucial in this age of information. It's critical that I incorporate computer skills into the assignments and projects to further develop their computer literacy. 


Students will need to have at least basic computer skills and it is very important to include the information on the ethical and legal use of social media in this age of technology. 



I will sometimes feel that I'm a bit behind in this category, so I took it upon myself to attend some continuing education or basic classes when it comes to skills in computer literacy. It is the way of the world and there's no going back. 


It is very important for students to have a good understanding of comouter technology and be able to utilize that knowledge when researching, creating presentations, and job related projects.


Computer technology is as important for healthcare providers as any other industry. Nursing informatics is an area that may be of interest t o those nurses who are proficient and savvy in computer technology and want to further develop concepts for healthcare.

We see a range of student abilities in handling computers.  It is smart to ensure we can slow down enough to teach these skills to entire classes.  We frequently have to start at the beginiing of logging in and then really differentiate based on each students confidence with technology.  We have alsoo incorporated students cell phones and social media to show off their achievements in class.  These are skills that will not only be useful in their professional lifes but also foster healthy social media usage.


Although computer literacy continues to be a struggle from some, it is important that students have basic knowledge of technology use. It enhances communcation and provides alternative possibilites in the classroom. 

The value of computer literacy begins young and is always evolving.


computer literacy is important to complete all tasks in our working place along with technology


Computer literacy looks different for learners depending on their employment or field of study.  However, certain skills can be taught that are used across the board in the world of computers.  File management, research strategies, email, communications, detection of virus/threats are all very important skills.


Basic computer skills are necessary to succeed in today's world. 

Computer literacy is required for any students in my class going into nursing. 

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