Marcia Tillotson

Marcia Tillotson

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I have learned the importance of knowing how to give students access to their academic information and in a timely manner (within 45 days).  


The information in this module is very informative.  I have learned that students not only have the right to access their information, but the institution has 45 days to comply.  


That there is more to just following the rules and remaining compliant.  

We must remember why we are doing this and that is to help to student succeed in all aspects of their educatiional pursuits.


I learned how superlaitves may give the wrong impression and can even be considered a misrepresentation.  Avoiding the use of superlatives and using only facts is a better choice.


I learned that instructors are the direct representations of the school and as such must be well versed in school policies as well as general information regarding admissions and trasnsferability of any school credit to another institution.  If we are unsure of the answer to any students' questions, we should direct that student to the appropriate school staff who can give and answer.  We should also follow up with the student to make sure they received the support and information that they needed. 


I learned how important it is to understand and to be able to comminicate to students why regulatory insight is so imperative to quality education and to their experience with the school's program.


I learned the difference between just being compliant and really embracing compliance for the correct reasons.

It is very important for students to have a good understanding of comouter technology and be able to utilize that knowledge when researching, creating presentations, and job related projects.


I learned that effective communication and teambuilding are important concepts that must be made part of the course curriculum.  These skills will be invaluable to the student whenn he or she enters the workplace as well as throughout their lives.


Although it can be challenging at times, it is important to include written assigments for students to complete.  The written assigments should be creative, inspiring and manageable.


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