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Great tips in this class.!!


Management styles:


I learned the 4 types of classroom management & which I am, the closest to, & which is the best to be.

  • The controller
  • The guide  
  • The buddy
  • The Apathete


I feel that I am the guide for the most part with some of the buddy attributes in there. I plan to be even more the guide with less buddy. The controller, I have many of the positive attributes. I aspire to focus on more of the positive sides of the three types, & be sure to never be a Apathete.

I have learned the 4 types of classroom management

I've learned what kind of instructor I want to be like and which ones I don't want to be like. Hope to us this in my new classroom.

I have learned what type of Instructor I am.

I have learned about the 4 styles and will see which one that I want to be more like and try this for this school year.  I feel like based on the examples that I am more of a guide then I controller or buddy. But lets see how it goes. 

I learned that while most students enjoy the Buddy, the Guide is the better choice.  I Fell that I am more of a Guide with some of the Buddy attributes.  I will strive to become more of a Guide and hope the classroom appreciates it. 

I have learned that I need to be more confident about reprimanding privately. I tend to generalize the negative classroom behavior as a group offence, when I need to begin to specficially speak with students causing the negative behaviors promptly and privately. I think my classroom would run more smoothly with that. Also, I feel like I am in between a guide and buddy...just a mix. 

I have learned how to improve my teaching style

I have learned that the best style of teaching is to be a guide to my students with empathy and compasion.

We all need to be objective as to who we are and who we want to be in the classroom.

I am more tuned in to the adult learner management style

I have a much better understanding on how to manage adults in a classroom setting

I learned the 4 teaching styles. Good stuff.

I leanred and got a better understanding of the 4 differnt teaching styles. 

I have learned about the 4 styles of classroom management and have found that I most meet that of the guide.

I think I am a guide with a bit of buddy. The presentation did mention that adult learners prefer a friendly environment and I try to provide that while still maintaining high expectations and professionalism. 

My goal is to be a guide and not a buddy by keeping my class organized and driven. 

Good tips for incorporating buddy and controlling to end up with guide style. 

I have had a lot reinforced during this module. Ensuring that I have a solid management plan is essential. I particularly like the idea of having a planned alternate activity in case of emergency so that student progress is not hindered.

I plan to lay out my specific expectations for all aspects of the class clearly at the beginning of the course, rather than in a more general way, and then specifically later on as assignments are due etc.  That way when we get to individual assignments etc throughout the class the expectations will be a reinforcement of what was already laid out at the beginning.

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