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From this module I have learn that advisory can not be treated lightly.

Not only the single answer to a single question is the proper thing to do, sometimes it is required to consider several other situations in the life of the student in order to give them the proper and necessary orientation.

There is always more to the big picture of the student, sometimes the student will open up and sometimes we need to help them open up.

I've learned to be a little more flexible with my students.


When implementing developmental academic advising as an Instructor you must have an understanding of your students.


Advising is one of the most important elements of a student's education.  It is important that techers and administrators know how to advise students to ensure they get the most out of their education. 

Having the right advisor can be such an important step in the students education.

Advising students the correct way is important for goal setting and comunication

Advising students is a vital step in creating a plan for students success, finding out what obstacles may be present and planning how to overcome them to allow for success in the program they have chosen. Advising will help the student to see where they are and what steps they need to do to get to where they plan to be.

I try to keep the mind set that when what i am doing falls under the catagory of "advising them" then i will make sure it is truly that, and about their learning.  I try not to confuse it with helping the student obtain advise on a decision, whether about their educaiton or not, as i only wish to help the student make the most education decision they can, but THEY must MAKE the decision... 


I learned that it is important more yo know that what class a student wants when advising.  It is important to also know what thier goals are with thier chosen program, thier overall perfomance in the program and discussing this with them.  They need to discuss (not told) the bigger picture and how the path they have chosed will meet thier long term goals, especially for those attending higher ed right out of high school.  

Students require understanding and in order to achieve this it is vital that we know and appreciate their point of view.  Money is a driving force from all perspectives.  Students are using loans and other resources to invest in their future so that they may attain a career that promotes a higher salary. Money attracts students to institutions because there is the resources for prominent faculty, current equipment/resources, and up to date curriculum. 

Advising is the single piece that involves both parties.  Advising can prevent student attrition but also give the student value to what they are investing.  When good advising techniques are used, quality students are attracted to the institution in that they feel they are "getting their money's worth".  On the other side, institutions that invest in knowledgable and highly trained advisors will have lower attrition numbers, therefore, more money for resources. 


Once you understand what the student is looking for, you can help guide/advise them to help set up their goals in which will help them further their education.

 A good adviser explores the student's life goals, understand policies and procedures and builds links to career services to help students achieve their goals.

we must consider the idividual's goals and needs when advising


 A major part  is an understanding of life from the student's point of view.

Build strong links to career services so students can gain help when deciding on a major or investigating career options. 


Help found quicly can get the student back to focusing on class

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As an instructor we must demonstrate that our students are our partner in the engagement of intellectual and personal growth. They help us gained insight on how to be a better teacher. And as teacher, we help students think about and articulate what is important to them in their academic as well as their personal lives.


understanding that each students has outside "life" happening, be a good listener and advisor to help when we can

Flexibility with students advising is ideal. Sometimes the communication process during advising can be easy or very difficult! A multi-level approach will assist in most situations that require advising as there usually more than one answer/solution.