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As inovative and incorporating technology into the learning process ecxcells in all aspects as a learner because in all environements technology is at its best and it also gived students value to their learning.


Being more about "bring your own device" and having them work on their phones to show how easy it is for them to learn even outside of the classroom.


I plan to empower my students by starting each class with a refresher from the previos class.  I plan to promote group interactions and really get to know my students.  I will use this knowledge to highlight their strengths.

There are many ways to increase student engagment. As instructors, we must facilitate the learning process; however, it is up to the student to be engaged in their learning. 


I will create a natural engaging atmosphere within my classes.  Students should look forward to coming or signing in to your classes because they know they will be receiving valuable content and build on their knowledge base. Providing challenges in the learning process is beneficial.

Methods of deliveries such as technology plays a vital role in education today, therefore, students should encouraged to utilize it in and outside of the classroom.

Use technology in your classroom.  If you students are engaged and empowered with the content, they won't be as distracted by their phones so it shouldn't be a problem.  


Devotion, dedication and discipline are important qualities in empowering students to achieve their dreams. Build student confidence by giving them the opportunity actively engage and think through the process until the objective is achieved. This takes patience and connection.


I like the open door policy until it becomes an issue for some, that's when i must tactfully intervene, usually in a one on one setting. 


Eyes and ears open, I have had a no phone policy in the classroom for years. Now, I have to rethink how I can make it work for me.

I really like the idea of an ungraded pre-quiz at the beginning of a class to help gauge what information and knowledge students are bringing to the table.

The course pre-test is an excellent idea. It will help to show students that they may know more about the topic than they assume. It also pushs them to engage one another in friendly debate, which is likely to occur not only in the classroom but at their jobs as well.

I allow students to reseach recipies and techniques on line to enhance class experience.

Self-belief is essential for student success. As they grow as learners, they take pride in their knowledge and become more active participants in their learning process. 


The part of the lession talking about Technology usage in the classroom. This is new to me, i was always the more "OLD FASHION " instructor reading and highlighting the book and all electrical devices off. But with the time changing i have opened up to technology and now all my new have there laptops open and ready to go there are able to use there phones as well for recording, pic, completion of assignments. The dynamic of the classroom has changed but in a more positive way. The student have access to any information they need and can complete assignments in class during any down time in class. They work more independantly and take charge of there course.


I think there was alot to think about in this section to  build value for students while creating an effective learning environment.


ways to promote student empowerment is to allow students to have multiple ways to learning and work at their own pace.

I used more techology during the Covid Epidemic. 

Encourage student use of technology is useful; however, with boundaries in place. 

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