Salamatu Yusif

Salamatu Yusif

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Several important strategies were discussed on how to manage the classroom. Meeting a disruptive student after class is the highlight of my lesson.

This is very insightful. I hope to work on my style to become a guide in the classroom.

The most important lesson I learned from this topic is identifying the causes and admitting you are experiencing a burn out.

Probing and redirecting are strategies that I intend to employ more often in the classroom.

Open questions are very useful in improving the learning experience of students.

Cultural competence is a requirement in any sector a person find him or herself because of the multicultural nature of the US.

Using gaming approach to teaching will generate greater student engagement with the learning process.

ChatGPT can be harnessed to improve students' learning experience.

Open AI has been made available free of charge to help the entire population.

ChatGPT offers endless opportunities for facilitators and students alike to enhance teaching and learning.

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