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 Traditional  instructors are familiar and comfortable of being content provider. Flipped classroom, they become the facilitator or on site expert and create an  where stduents learn form each otehr and become responsible to their learning. In flipped classroom the priority of covering content is shifted to mastery of content. In clinical site, it is important for the teacher to be  the facilitator of learning, showing mastery of content and students to do " hands on " on clinical skills.

The importance of the instructor playing a facilitative role. 


THis is a new and emerging concept for my course which I instruct. Clearly tthere is much more that I need to learn, but as the saying goes: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." This will be exciting to start the initial steps into this new realm and take our course delivery to newer levels.


We all have a dfifferent method of delivery. Keep the students engaged with the tools provided.

adapting to the online education is here and it is very important for instructors to transition smoothly by being prepared 


I have learned that the idea of the flipped classroom is not something that will be considered a "fad" in education. Due to advances and moving forward with technology, educators are looking for best practices when it comes to implementing technology into classrooms and the flipped classroom is an excellent way to do it.


I have been working on converting one of my courses to include flipped classes.  I have been successful in developing and flipping one clas at a time.  I am fortunate, because my courses are only a couple of weeks in duration and I am able to implement well planned and prepared flipped classes.


Everyone is affraid of change, a traditional classroom is the past.  We need to jump all in to the new future of a flip classroom.

I learned that flipped classrooms are new and changing. Students and administrators may have some reservations since some success may take a bit of time as everyone gets on board.

Great module. Learning how to best incorporate technology and keep our students engaged.


Great module.

I've realized I do not need to flip my entire course at once, but can begin implemeting these principles slowly.

I appreciated the information on the technology available and open educational resources that can make implementing the flipped classroom a little easier.

How much professional development and research it will take to make sure that flipping is successful. 


The flipped classroom is the future of teaching.  And that future is now.  Long live the future!  Get Doc and the Delorian

Remember to be adaptable to your students learning perferences.

I learned that to be able to use this technique we need to get train and prepare to get the best out of it and benefit our student's learning.

Flipping the classroom does not replace the instructor but rather centers on the needs of students' learning. Instructors become facilitators allowing students to express concerns with content and receive fedback. The process allows them to become accoutnable for their learning.

I have never been lucky at finding open educ resources for my subject but I would be curious about what is available out there. I really look forward to using the flipped classroom methodolgy. Great module.