Dara Rodemack

Dara Rodemack

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I think that understanding what the end looks like, it is easier to break it down into bite size chunks for students.  Just winging it will not get you to the end result with confidence.  It might, but it will more than likely to by accident.  

I think that learning about summative assessments and understanding industry needs will be key to ensuring that my CTE program teaches the students valuable skills needed to perform in their new chosen field.

I like that they are giving us links to websites that we can come back to later so that we can use them in our classrooms.

I really liked the first day of school ideas.  I have now taught a few classes and what he had to say was very interesting.  

Understanding where students are at (mentally and physically) and knowing boundaries is key to the students success.  

I have started to put together an advisory committee.  It is great to have people in industry there to help ensure that you are teaching what is needed now and not what was needed last year.  

I need to ensure that my social media is in alignment with school policies.  

I like the fact that we are seeing a shift in education towards needed careers and not just education.  The CTE path shows people how to get to where they want to go without the old route of education.  

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