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In todays world its pretty much technology 

I havn't really enjoyed the upcoming technoligy but it's the future and the students are 90% adapted to it. 


This module taught the importance of having everything ready prior to going into the classroom.  As a new instructor it emphasized the importance of knowing the material, knowing the expected outcome, preparing notes, and knowing how to conduct the assessments.

It's always good have back up., (HIPAA), etc.  


All of these components come together to make a great lesson plan and cover the bases to make you successful. I learned a lot in this unit.

Classroom support material and notes are important or lesson plans won't be as effective. Keep an open mind and be creative with staying current with information and technology. I utilize rubrics in the classroom for assessment as a clear cut way to grade, so as to avoid concerns or controversy, should it arise. Know the classroom demographic and learning styles while striving to make the order and flow of course content logical, sequential and engaging. Also remember to take notes, lots of notes.

It's vital to incorporate current technology into lessons because students will benefit both in class and in the field by being able to engage with that technology.  Also tracking student progress through various methods of assessment is crucial as well.

Planning is essential for both the student and Instructor. It has a major impact on the overall success of the course.  

In this lesson, I learned the importance of incorporating technology into the lesson plans, but also some of the pitfalls associated with incorporating it. I've also learned the importance of lecture notes, and ensuring I stay diligent with the notes to help improve the course(s) over time. It's also important to understand a clear outcome for the lessons in order to build the lesson plan properly.

I have incorporated technology such as: a TV monitor, PowerPoint, YouTube videos, Cengage videos, and Quizizz game show into my everyday lessons.

I didn't realize the importance placed on remaining relevant concerning technological advancements and utilization in teaching. I'm used to the dry erase board, likely because I'm more visual learner, which I value over videos and other technology medians. 

You should always make sure that your objectives are measurable, that your standards include course content and skill development. It is important to utilize lecture notes, this will help you stay on course with your lesson.

Support material can help you prepare for lessons and provide students with a better learning environment. They can also help you stay on course with the lessons and provide reminders for topics to touch on.

Understanding the value of the rubric and the performance-based assessments has shaped out I will design my lessons in the future.

The use of technology and a variety of assessment techniques will keep students engaged and you apprised of student grasp of the materials. 

Taking notes after each lecture has really helped me being a new teacher knowing what worked and what could be improved up on.

Classroom support materials and assessments should support the educational journey to the achievement of course objectives.  They should facilitate and support learning objectives and standards.

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