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Keeping a master book/log to document what worked well and didn't so that when I repeat the course, I can refer to the notes.


keeping up on technology will help ensure you students are getting the most acurate inforation that will help them in their jobs 

As instructors you strive to reach all students and must first identify individual learning styles and interests of your students.Some students have a lot of good questions which are welcome.Other students are quiet and don't provide any feedback to the instructor.As instructors you must adapt to the situation and needs of your group.


I found ED109 helpfull since I come from a trade background writing lesson plans have always been rough, I have since started teaching OSHA so being able to write my own lesson plan being trade specific will be very helpfull moving forward . Thank You


Using technology is an important part of today's teaching and learning for our students especially the younger generation. Without having the technology integrated in your lesson plan may not bring effectiveness in our course success and students may find the lesson plan or class activites as boring. Integration of technology will also create students' interest in class activities.

The use of matirals, and tech, along with lesson plans, make the content of the course that much more learnable for the students

Bringing in support materials, especially technology such as videos and computer-based presentations, can help instructors to relay difficult or complex concepts to their students.  It can also provide examples of how the subject matter is relevant to their chosen field.  Lastly, support materials often combine aspects that visual and auditory learners can appreciate.  Kinaesthetic learners can benefit as well if there is a practical application session built into the lesson plan.


I am always challenging myself to use technology in the classroom that enhances the learning process and seek out the experts in our program that can help me become proficient and comfortable with the technology before I use it in the classroom.  It can make the instruction more enjoyable and engaging for the students.  I also like to emphasize the improtance of having a notes section on all of my lesson plans so I can reflect on what worked and what didn't and make adjustments in the lesson plan to continually improve course instruction.

I think one of the most important things I can do is to try to create the best lesson plan I can and then to go back after the lesson is delivered and take notes, modify it, give reasons as to what works and what doesn't. Kind of a note to my future self to provide helpful reminders of how to improve it for next time. 

By taking good notes about the effectiveness of our lesson plans, we can always refer back and see what worked well and what should be improved.


I have learmed about the importance of putting things in perspective.  As an instructor, I need to find over the time the stratefy that works for me by adding variety in my teaching strategy and keeping notes.

Great information on the lesson plan and  knwon that the good lesson paln is the heart of  good instruction.

use course outcomes to create lesson plans

have accountabilty for activities 


I thought this was helpful and it was something I don't really do in simulation.  We don't have a lot of support material for our students due to the nature of the simulation.  However, this makes me think that I could incorporate some pre-work prior to my simulation sessions to see if that is helpful to the student's learning.  This does apply to me when I teach simulations online, and I need to offer more support material to students to supplement their learning.


Good insight. inspiring!


The lesson I took away from this module was utilizing lecture notes more effectively and varying assesment methods. I want to create a variety of assessments for a diverse group of learning styels, and I also want to lecture more from my notes than from a slide. It'll make my courses more engaging for my students, and hopefully they'll understand the concepts better!

This module makes good sense to me, as I have used this methodology to some extent in my teaching.

I plan to use support materials , notes, & assessment in my classes lesson plans as follows:


  • By using lecture notes. Will help keep the lecture on track.
  • Worksheets for Formitive assessments( As we move along, in the course).
  • Keeping each lesson seperate & keeping the lesson plan simple, for easy following.
  • Continue using powerpoint presentations, clearer hand outs, & listing the materials / technology on the lesson plan.
  • Formitive assessments will be in the form of tests, & worksheets, as well as rubricks established for lab projects.
  • Understanding that lesson plans always evolve, & ar ethe heart of good instruction.

great information to base teaching and instruction

Support material can help you better prepare lessons

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