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Ivan Parks

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When you have to deal with disruption, always remember to keep your cool. You can easily make a small situation a giant problem if you become agitated. Never try to meet with any student, especially after an incident, by yourself. It's always a good idea to have the CD or DOE present.

After studying the 4 management styles, I believe myself to be a lot of guide mixed with a little buddy. I am stern, but not harsh.

It is very important for instructors to fully understand cultural backgrounds to be able to properly instruct an ELL student. Cultural differences, family situations are just some of the things that can affect the way they learn and understand.

If we take into consideration, that some of our students are as out of place in our country as a blender in the bathroom, well it's about making them feel accepted. The more comfortable they are the more they will achieve. If we only teach in English and they can't understand a word, we are failing them by not helping them to learn the language.

Patience will play a role in teaching ELL students.

Again, as with other disabilities, there can be challenges. Knowing what, when an how to approach these challenges is very important. You wouldn't deal with someone with psychological disabilities the same way as someone with a physical disability.

There many different areas of DISABILITIES, some physical, emotional/ psychological and all require different recognition as to properly deal with and make the appropriate accommodations, when necessary.

There are legal requirements when dealing with students with disabilities. These are put in place by the Rehabilitation act of 1973 and the ADA, Americans with disabilities act.

I now have a better understanding of the different steps one must take when dealing with students with learning disabilities. Have any of you had to do this? What did you do?

Students with LD do need certain accommodations to be successful. As times change, so does technology. Most students with LD are usually introduced to such apps during their secondary years of education. By the time they reach postsecondary learning, they are familiar with and have an understanding of how they work. Most usually have these apps installed to some type of electronic device.

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