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Thomas Boelman

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All of these components come together to make a great lesson plan and cover the bases to make you successful. I learned a lot in this unit.

Knowing the state and local standards are key to creating a good lesson plan helpful to aim students in thr right direction as we teach. Good content in this unit. 

Having a plan is key to a smooth transition. I think students want a plan and need a plan to follow. IT could go  in many different directions but a Plan is key to success. Fail to plan - plan to fail. 

Don't go in cold with an old lesson plan. Keep it fresh so the students stay engaged. Good questions to think about.

I think the electronical protfolio is a very interesting concept. I'm excited to see it used in my classroom. 

I have been working on ideas of setting up groups in the shop to have older students work with younger students and this section is a great fit for how that could work. 

I really like the group learning aspect. I think that each student has a lot to give a group if they know how to do it.

Learning about terms is good but I'm ready for some hands on discussion of the ideas disscussed here. 

I have always know that we all have very different learning styles. My hope is that this section will be good for me to see how to teach these many different learning styles. 

This quiz has many good questions. Applyng the knowlege we know and the work we have done as teachers keeps us moving forward.  Know your students and how they learn and teach with styles that apply this knowledge. 

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