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Support material is vital to the success of each student. The assessment allows for instructors to take a students progress as well as the student to assest the content for understanding. 


incorporating technology has been a useful tool with our students. The students of today are so used to being able to perform online. It is important for their success to be very familiar with the technical tools in their particular career to make them marketable and a valued asset to the field when they are job searching!


Understanding all of the resources that are available is a daunting task since there is so much information out there to access.  Knowing where to go to get the correct information is very important.

It is important to have classroom materials and handouts readily available to students.

Technology can be very benrficial for many reason being that it can both support and compliment a course. 

What I have learned is to allocate my time wisely and apply these methods to everyday teaching.

its important to provide the students resources so they can be better propared for the world outside the school.

i learned to use technology to help with delvery of my subject content.  Also to take good notes in my lesson plans to help keep me on track and refine the objectives.

Being able to incorporate supportive materials and technologies is an important part of the teaching and learning process. y keeping up to date with effective strategies a teacher can reach more of her students in ways that allow them to retain as much of the information as possible. Assesments are also a vital part of the process because they allow to maintain accountability by the teachers and students. By continually checking the progress and effectiveness of the class a teacher can better equip themselves for future generations of students and again promote an interesting and engaging environment.

Using technology is the new norm now we need to full embrace how it's being used daily and are everyday lifes. 

Use technology, use current events and hear from the students 


Using technology is a good support material


Maximizing the tools available for assessment stratagies and building objectives to pull the lessons together


Notes in a class are iportant while in school, it is a chanel that te students have to study from what you have spoke about 


Different students learn different ways - its a proven fact that the more resources used in the classroom expecially supporting material, notes and the like - the more likely the student will retain the information. The only way to gague this is by assessing your own progress, using common sence to enhance my teaching effectiveness and my student's learning opportunities. 


Bring into class guest speakers who are using the latest technology in the field so they can demonstrate to the students what they will be seeing once they graduate. Guest speakers play a big role, in showing the student what the future will be if the student finishes their program.  

The module has important usage of technology and the aspects of utilizing them efectively in your lesson plan


The use of materials, new technology  and refering back to notes will always be a great way to help students understand lesson.

Support material is critical for the visual gray scale pattern recognition my students need to master.

Lesson plans are pay an imprtant role, but if instructor do not reach the expected outcomes - must reevaluate

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