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I like the idea of handing out index cards so the students can write down their difficulties or troubled area.  I  think I am definitely goint to use this in my math class.  I was thinking of  giving out post-its in place of index cards without the names written on it.  I can also let the students see the responses so they know that others may be having the same challenges.

I am building blended content for the covid year. Pacing and content chunking will be more important this session. 

Seth Soronnadi

Learned to; "...use a pretest to determine the level of your students and then develop your instructional materials accordingly. "


Always have another option available, that is the process of being prepared and organized

Always be flexible in your plans - have a plan B ready to go!  Planning enough in advance is key.  Part of the planning process should be a post evaluation so you know how to adjust the lesson in the future. 

Ensuring that I am not giving too much content in a short period of time. Ensure that I limit each new concept to 15 minutes with a break to ensure understanding.


When students are not focused, it is important to direct their focus on a different activity to keep them engaged.

I've learned  that not all students  will be on the same level of education  and higher some lower. This is were i need to find a way that works for everyone. Either put them in a small groups or  talk to other instructors  for advice 

Careful planning, done in advance is important. Be sure to plan the class time into segments. Sometimes the timing may not be exact. Use that adjust the schedule and learn about students.


pretests have multiple uses, and also direct how to engage administration and other elements of university outside of classroom

Reply to Patrick Church's post: I agree that this can sometimes be the case. 

To keep students engaged we need to distruct students by changing activity


Doing a status assessment onn the students, changing up the method of instruction if students become distracted/restless


Keeping your time flexible to address students needs. I also like the idea of redirecting students to engage in lessons.


Pretests are a good idea for new subjects, topics, and courses to decide what level of knowledge is present and or needed. 

Planning is essential in preparing for class. There should always be several plans in case situation changes.

I like the idea of doing a status assessment when students appear to be losing interest or level of engagement.  Changing the method of teaching from lecture to group or open discussion about a case study could be an effective way to re-enage the class without having to re-invent how to teach the topics the students need to learn.

Always have a plan B ready and use assesments to gauge the students knowledge before class begins.

Having a Plan B is very important. Also loved the idea of handing out the 3x5 cards to perform a quick status assessment. 

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