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Some really good information here. I hope it continues to be a productive series of lessons

when students get off task it may be easier to redirect them and do another assignement to get them back on task


zoom and technology has been a life saver since covid

Have a plan B, focus on a different activity to help re-engage


Plan B is a great suggestion - I tend to try to cram too much content into each class, so stepping back & taking another look at how the content is presented, if there is a better way to get it across and if there are non-essential pieces I can drop out without compromising quality are all good things to implement. 

changing the activity or doing a status assessment when students are restless/not engaged

To be able to evaluate knowledge base can help with formulation of a teaching plan. If learners disengage it is essential to have a back up plan to teaching and redirecting to an activity to promote learning

Know your students academic level to better teach them.

While getting to know my students on the 1st day of class I usually give them a pretest to find out what they know or don't know about the program or course.

I learned to always be prepared. Having an ace up your sleeve pays off for the student

It always helps to have a lesson plan of the main points and divide the lecture into sections.

I liked the idea of having a plan B and journaling

Prepare for things to go wrong and redirect the students

It's important to assess the progress of the lesson as you go and adjust. 

Be ready to adjust and keep the students busy and engaged in content or else the will wonder.


I learnt many things. 

Have a Plan B.

If students seem not motivated, change things up. divide them into groups. Give case study. do a small status assessment on 3X5 cards.

How do make adjustments in the classroom to keep the students engaged to maximize their learning potential.

I appreciated the concept of physically moving the students around the room to change the activity.

Having the students do a class assessment, during the course, on 3x5 cards is a good idea.

redirecting and plan b

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