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I did not realize that offering different types of food in the cafeteria iepresent a form of Universal Design as well.  How practical!.  It makes sense to offer options.


Learning from 'Harvard School",  4 elements of a great teacher.  I do not quite understand the 4th element.

Reply to Pamela Gabbay's post:

I agree with you Pamela.  We need to document everything.  In addition to keeping a great record, it can be useful in the future when you need to make a reference about previous communications and follow up.


It was surprising to know that more than 70 % of the people respond to the email immediately, but good to know that designate time to do these things will safe time.  Will continue to do that.

I see that the recommended number of people to a group is 6 to 8.  What if you have a really small group of students for the class?  In one of my classes, there are only 6 students. Does it make sense to group them to a smaller groups?

Reply to Mary Ann Cirone's post:I agree.  I try to use exit slips/tickets as often as possible to get that insight.  Some of the students do not ask questions when they need to.

It is good to be confirmed about certain pitfalls and advantages of different test types.  Made me think about changing some of my assessments for the next semeter.


This was a great reminder for me to use questions rather than just lecturing during my instructions.  I am definitely going to try some of the suggested  technics on aksing questions. 


I like the idea of handing out index cards so the students can write down their difficulties or troubled area.  I  think I am definitely goint to use this in my math class.  I was thinking of  giving out post-its in place of index cards without the names written on it.  I can also let the students see the responses so they know that others may be having the same challenges.

I still find it challenging to  pause during class time just to observe the students.  It makes sense, and I have to keep remind myself to do that.


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