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Assessments - quick ones that help determine the disconnect.  Change the path when students begin to become disengaged with the topic.

Have a plan B prepared. If students get distracted use plan be to get them engaged in the class again.

Finding out what Students do or do not know about the topic of my class is important.  It dictates the level of depth I will be above to go on certain topics. 

The plan B is always important , If you se your student not engage or participate in the lesson plan. Some time the majority of students have not experience or training in Scott Skills which are critical for career success.

Plan your course develop additional resources. Such as handouts or worksheets focus on your students ability to complete the same work breakdown lesson plans. May need to adjust from class to class based on student learning

Sometimes you need to mix things up for different types of students. 

In this module, I learned that one technique to use if students are getting distracted, is to switch to another activity, which will help students regain their attention and focus.

Making sure to read the room and redirect learning if need be. 

You never really know how a lesson will progress until your presenting it, especially if the students are new to an instructor. So

  • Be prepared
  • Check in with students
  • Get to know students and know reasons why when something happens
  • Be Flexible
  • Reflect, take notes for next lesson and when you present same lesson again

Knowing a students background will help you alternate the way of teaching the classroom. 

Change your lesson plan or try another technique if your class is not responding well and learning .

I took away the most from the time management solutions. It's so easy to get off-topic in conversation. It's hard to disengage when the students are invested in the discussion, but ensuring you go through all the contents is essential. Now, I will say that I have allowed the conversation to take over the class a time or two when it is almost teaching the subject matter.  

Keeping the student's attention and ensuring they are not being distracted. Redirect or switch to another activity if needed. 

how to be more adaptable with students

Always have a plan b

Having a plan B is essential. When there seems to be a disconnect between the instructor & the students then redirect them to another activity.

Be prepaired to change lesson plans on the fly as needed.

Have a Plan B!

Realizing that you cannot compromise on competencies, knowledge, and skills required to succeed. Which really brings the thought of matching the assignment to the students' experience level. 

Plan B is important and being flexible. Also, making adjustments based on students' level of engagement. 

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