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I like to begin with what our lesson is about then as we move through the class I change what we are doing completely so students don't feel or shall I say get bored..


Having a plan B is always useful when plan A is not turning out as you planned.  Separating students into groups helps them stay engaged.


Reading non-verbal cues from students is very important to determine if your communication isn't clear. Ask for feedback often to make sure they understand.


Changing activities, using different methods to teach concepts, and identifying students with inadequate backgrounds so that they can be helped instead of becoming frustrated and quitting school.


Having students work in groups or also having students work on projects will get them engaged in many new learning skills also working together 

Have a plan B, break lesson into segments. Reflect to knew activity if students do not seem to be engaged.


Paying attention the the students intake is crucial in teaching. If you see them getting tired change the way you teach.


Have a plan B just in case students are not in engaging and you want to draw curiosity of the topic again.

Changing activites and having a different subject may bring about higher learning in their assignments


I will be making more pre-tests for the student to see if they are understanding the assignments.


Teach to different learning styles and change things up, don't be the same every day.

This is a very common situation for instructors. Students come to class without the background experiences needed to be successful in your course. We need to adjust to the student right away. Especially if they are new to the program, or else we will lose them. 

Be open to adapt and have a plan B is must

There is a lot of information to grasp. This lesson made me very aware that I need to observe my students a little bit better to help adjust my teaching styles. The examples were very helpful.


I learned that it is important to redirect the class if they are not getting the topic the way you deliver it. 

Learn to pull an audible if plan a is not working as planned.  Not having a plan b for your lesson plan is only going to make your class exponentially harder if the students are not getting it.


always have a back up plan, because you never know what can and will happen.


Keeping students engaged is key. Students get distracted easily and lose focus but getting them involved with hand-on activities to learn is vitial. 


Students that come in with lack of background knowledge is a big factor. I want to look at the K-12 education.


Be prpared to change activities be aware of students becoming ditracted. Defenatly haveing a Plan B is a good idea. 


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