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A Boss Who Doesn't Feel It's Necessary to Have 1:1 Meetings


I assist a two Directors.  One I meet with on a weekly basis, the other prefers communication through email.  What do you do when you have initiated a weekly 1:1 with one of your bosses and they say that they don't think it's necessary?  I feel it's necessary since I primarily work remote and there is information that would be easier to share during a 1:1 30 minute weekly or bi-weekly meeting.  I feel sometimes the individual just doesn't want to communicate with people.  

How do I still try to learn about my boss when they don't want to interact much outside of email.  I've only had 2 1:1 touch base meetings with him in the past 2 years.  I've even shared how it will help me help him even better.  

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