Michelle Connors

Michelle Connors

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I had just listened  to a TED talk so it was interesting  because then I read "We would all benefit from learning how TED talks are crafted".    This is useful because the primary goal is to change us, through education, and not primarily via edutainment.  If we want students to learn they only learn in the first 18 mins.

On the first day of class it is important to give a good impression

Being prepared to teach the class. The content, tone and delivery of asking questions is to encourage student participation in a group discussion. 

Michelle Connors

Lead by example, dress professional, be clean, by on  time, be prepared. Greet your students. Know your subject. be excited about what you teach. Add humor if you can.

Implement a record keeping system. Keep to the policy of the institution.

Asynchronous discussions are best, more likely to get students participation. trust is a valuable tool and so is the kneed for the student to gain knowledge

share with a bio of oneself and make the experience positive

Learning to adjust to the type of students one has is very important, as every group is different and the dynamic's are different..

Structure is very important as well as good communications.

Technical support is paramount as not all online modules are the same and instructors need to be familiar with the delivery techniques and strategies that work for all

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