Kianna Tinsley

Kianna Tinsley

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I have learned over the years to continuously adapt to each group's learning styles and to always ask for feedback on ways to improve and keep them interested.

These are great suggestions for keeping students engaged while learning medical terminology


I found that it was very interesting that 80% of learners are visual.


It is very important to be prepared and set things up in time to provide students with ample time to complete work so they will not feel rushed and overwhelmed.

It is very important to make sure that students are engaged from the beginning of class and to set the tone for online learning.

I learned from this module the importance of communication and ensuring that students understand expectation and timeframes for assignment due dates and responses.

I learned that it is important to remember to assess and reflect on the tool's effectiveness to ensure proper usage.

I learned that performing a syllabus scan will allow you to determine if the content and what you are teaching match.  This is also an important tool to use to match industry and institutional needs to the syllabus of the course.

I learned that objectives must be part of the rubric.

I learned about a noisy learner, I have never heard of that before and found this to be interesting as noisy learners primarily respond to the facilitator and not other goup members and they tend to skip around the main points of the discussion.

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