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Reflection on theories and application

Although familiar with adult learning theories, it was a refresher to review the various concepts and reflect on how I have used them and if effective.  I took time to reflect on the reflection questions and was able to identify any resistance toward certain theoretical frameworks.  # 7 spoke about resistance students.  Historically, there were few compared to the majority being resistance based on the generational societal norms.  I realize I personally do not like games in the classroom because I do not know how to play them, especially the tech games.  This let's me know to stay relevant with this population I need to learn how to incorporate games into the active learning activities.  It is my perspective that adult learners are different than younger adult learners due to their maturity and motivation to stay persistence in the academic environment.  For example, when I was 17 I went to community college, was frustrated with the instructional teacher and delivery style, being ignored or put off when asking questions, therefore I quit and gave up a scholarship based on emotions.  When returning 15 years later as a mature adult, my internal motivation, drive and common sense caused me to be persistent and not letting emotions get in the way of learning opportunities.  From this experience I am not the teacher who turned me away from education. I make sure students believe they are valued, their experiences are value and give them the academic and emotional support needed to be successful. 

I have incorporated from Gardner the musical intelligence in my courses, by playing specific music with the underling theme of persistence. Student's verbalized hearing the music upon entering the classroom made them feel less anxious.  And, when I tried to dance a bit, they enjoyed it the perception was that I am real.

Ora Robinson

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