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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.

Sharing ideas

I plan to have each of my students write one thing they would like to be reminded of on what they have learned in my class.  After graduation I will email their one responce.

How to be a Gen Y instructor

This course was great for me because I am new at teaching. I am a Gen Xer and tend to want to teach in ways I hav been taught. Technology intimidates me as I hav very tech savvy students. It was nice to hear they prefer authenticity versus technology. By asking student to teach me what they know a connection can be of real value for both the studen and I

Know White Story

Telling this "story" was in itself a learning tool that can be used to facilitate learning.  I learned that this was not my preferred teaching style but still appreciate this so that I can use this if necessary in the future.


Action plan

I got some really good ideas from this course.  I am going to look at each day as I lesson plan and try and do something different than I have been.  It will just take a little creativity and research to have a much better lesson plan each day.


I am new to teaching vocational nursing students.  I will keep a copy of this course as a reference for the start of my teaching career.  I will use the 60 minute assessment question and how did you learn a hobby to help assess learning styles of each student.  I will utilize peer influence during the course of the class room and clinical environment, in addition to consider bringing in graduates of the nursing program around graduation.  I am truly humbled and open to meeting new students, finding out about their learning style, how to use these to the benefit… >>>

Student retention by the academic department

Being a part of the academic department, I recognize the importance of collaborative approach in students retention.  School is not just a place to study, but the institution that offers the entirely new experience.  Nowadays, students entering proffesional schools could be divided into two major categories: young population high school  and mature students.  Young population usually lacks the real work experience and demonstrate unrealistic expectations, but at the same time greatly desires for social interaction and various stimulations.  Older student population, on the contrary, commonly already posses previous education and work experience as well as has family related responsibilities. Because of such… >>>

Classroom learning

Involve your students - it is more interesting for everyone. :)

Relections and action plan

This course was a review of one of my grad class. I will continue to change the my teaching styles to match my students learning styles from term to term. For example, using visual aids will giving lectures and having them to explain according to their reading home work. Allowing them to role play and use the equipment in the lab during lecture and lab.

Classroom Utilization

I will try the baseball and football games and I love the idea of the name stickers/ask eachother questions activity to not only reinforce the terms and definition but to help my students practice their questioning skills and their,"asking the right question skills". So that they will be practiced at the art of questioning their (patients) in the clinical portion of our program, for best practices clinical note taking as well!

Medical Terminology

I will be able to use so many of these activities with my next class.  These activities are simple but effective not only for medical terminology but for fundamental nursing classes as well.

out of the box

I will work on the ideals shared, I find working out of the box is a big help and makes the students happy.


I have already been using some of the suggestions in my medterm class but they have given some more ideas that I can also use in my Maternal child course as well

Course Reflection

I enjoyed this course and have already implemented some of the activities in my classroom with great success.  With all of these games, my students were laughing, engaged, and really enjoyed it.  I think my favorite one so far has been the matching game.  I used colored pieces of paper and wrote down eighteen pairs of medical conditions on them.  I then layed them out randomly on the floor and divided the class into two teams.  Each team took turns trying to find a pair of matching conditions and if they found a pair they also had to explain the… >>>

Great learning tool

Always be a lifelong learner it helps a lot

Allied Health Teaching Tips

This, by far, is one of the BEST courses ever.  I think it should be part of every new instructor onboarding process.  And, for those like me, who have been teaching 20+ years, this course she be required a refresher.  I really enjoyed learning the additional learning styles, and ways to be a more effective professor.


I am going to customize a PowerPoint and volunteer to do a staff inservice for my peers. 



Fun Quiz Game

Divide the class into 2 groups. They compete against each other by answering questions given by the Instructor. Set the rules clearly. The Instructor asks a questions and one team member from each team goes to the white board and writes the correct answer and spells all words correctly. The first team member to finsh correctly gets the point for the team.


If a team member does not remember or has difficulty with the answer other team members can help but they cannot talk, they must go up to the white board and relieve the first team member and… >>>

Leanring Styles

I will incorporate the differetn learnign styles into the classroom this term, by addign more pictures for my vusial learners, more music for my auditory learers, and allow the student to make connectstions

Action Plan

I plan on implementing these ideas in my next medical terminology class.

In class Portfolio of clinical hands on skills

I like the idea of showing the students a completed portfolio of hands on skills that they can use on interviews and can add skills to it on their externships. It can be time consuming to get it started but the dividends of providing a good example of what a clinical portfolio looks like and how to present their clinical skills in a clear and concise matter is priceless. 

Didactic Classroom

I am seeking effective didactic activities to enhance and breakup tedious didactic lecture for nursing.