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Ahdy Rofaeil

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Think-Pair- Share, according to my experience, is considered the best foundiation for group work. I always adopt this technique in my courses!


I wasn't aware of the whole spectrum of the learning technology tools. This module did help me knowing them all as well as the pros & cons of each!


THis is the starting and ending point of being a "leader". If you miss the VISION" you miss all.

Because of my medical background as a physician, I know how damaging stress is to the body. My "magic" prescription is to practice both physical & spiritual excercises. We know a lot about how physical excercising is renewing the health of the cells & getting rid of the free radicles that damage even healthy cells. Spiritual excercise makes the mind, or the "nous", to overflow with positive thoughts that help to make right decisions.

Using technology in teaching Anatomy & Physiology can be a "friend" and a "foe" at the same time. It's a great tool that helps students study the layers and the set up of the organs of the human body. It's down side is when medical and nursing ashools prefer "virtual" dissection to hands-on dissection of real cadavers. Students are at risk of losing the sense of how the tissues feel in real life. My opinion is to keep both so the students can benefit both ways.

I think one of the great difficulties is to keep the students engaged till the end. The instructor should be creative enough to keep the discussion board actively going, interesting, and interactive till the end of the course.

I prefer to open discussions on cotroversial topics at the beginning of the course & ask the students to think out of the box. In this way I know how each & every one thinks.

It takes a while to read the impressions of the students in an online course. The best thing, in my opinion, is to stir them to respond to a question you post. Choosing this question is a CHALLENGE to the instructor!

What are the strong and the weak points in Anatomy & Physiology courses delivered online?

One of the hardest things to learn as an instructor

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