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I have learn that technology is important.  I will research some of the website given in this lesson to see if I will be able to utilize with the online platform. 

I have learned that students learn in different ways.  More and more students seem to choose online.  I have learned, that there are many tool available to instructors and institutions to use, which will ensure student feel that they are getting the attention needed and a timely manner.  Resolution to problems to prevent detrimental delay in learning or progress in this platform is very important. 

the layout of content is very important and makes it easy for the student to know what is expected of them.  It also makes it easy for the Instructor to update material. 

personalizing feedback is important and help reaching each students learning needs.

Comment on Crystal Collette's post: Creating a task list is a great way to ensure all elements for scaffolding students success.  

I total agree with the list format.

I have learn to ensure clear instructions in the syllabus for discussion board and assignments.  That it may be okay for the student to use alias name as long if you are aware of the who the student is to award points. 

Empathy and Motivation are very key emotions that helps you relate to others.  Understanding your emotional Intelligence better help you relate to other emotions.  I will use this by utilizing different scenario's relating to learning topic that encourage these emotions.

I have learned that EI can play a major role in academic learning.  I will try to set the tone for the class to hopefully encourage a positive emotion which would promote a good learning experience.


I have gained a great deal of knowledge in this course.  We have to set the standards and be the example. I honestly belive that true leadership should have Integrity, trust, Morals, and ethics characteristics.  We are the professionals and students are watching our actions and take to heart the example we show.  Its like our parents use to say, when you are in public, understand that you represent more than ourself.  These students are our customers and our goal is to ensure excellent customer service. 


It is our responsiblity to be ensure the information is factual. Noncompliance can alter a students career goals and damage their trust for the school. 


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